We provide kits including dilator with precision shaped tip, radiopaque sheath, both made of medical PP/PE, with homogeneous transition from dilator to sheath, puncture needle 18 G, guide wire with flexible, straight or J-tip. The INTRADESILET-INTRADUCER includes an haemostatic valve and a sideport with stopcock. INTRADESILET-PEEL is especially designed for the displacement of the introducer-set without changing the localization of the introduced catheter (permanent pacing leads, balloon cathters, drainage catheters, ...). The risk of kinking or traumatic effects at the insertion point is minimized by it‘s optimized design.




Alle Drähte sind aus rostfreiem Edelstahl mit exakt gerundeter Spitze gefertigt. Sie sind lieferbar mit festem oder beweglichem Kern. Die Spitze ist an einem oder beiden Enden flexibel, sowohl als gerade Version, wie auch als J-Spitze.

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