Thoracic Drainage - Pleural Puncture - Accessories


Thin and radiopaque drainage in slide-in cover with marker rings, three-way-stopcock with suction connection tube for drainage of air and/or fluid in the pleural cavity, as well as in all emergency situations where the application of a surgical suction drainage might come too late or is quite a risk.


Kits for pleural puncture in case of:

  • Pneumothorax
  • Pleurodesis
  • Aspiration of any effusions (i.e. ascites)


intra special catheters offers suitable accessories for all thoracic catheters, such as Heimlich-type drainage valves PNEUMOVENT® (with LL-connections or also tube connections), various variable adaptors (with or without stopcock), a special fixation plate to adapt three-way stopcocks, as well as suction tubes with silicone adaptors.