Endovenous Laser Therapy

Varicose veins pose a problem to approx. 15-30% of the adult population, increasing with age. In milde cases patients are bothered by the unaesthetic appearance of varicose veins. Severe cases are associated with pain, inflammation and in rare cases open wounds. Following needle positioning an introducer is easily inserted into the vein by Seldinger technique. After insertion of a laser fibre the treatment can begin. With the laser fibre in correct position of the saphenofemoral junction (determined by ultrasound) you are ready to deliver the first laser pulse. The laser energy will result in permanent thermal damage to the vein wall. The laser treatment is performed along the entire length of the varicose vein and will result in a complete and permanent occlusion of the vein. After a treatment of 30 – 45 minutes the patient can return to normal activity level.



Advantages of the method:

  • minimal risk of side effect
  • better aesthetic results compared to other methods
  • no post-op downtime for patients
  • fast out-patient procedure
  • only local anaesthesia
  • cost-effective solution

We offer special introducers for bare fibers and radial fibers. The kit contains the catheter, a puncture needle, dilator und guide wire.

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