Thin and radiopaque drainage in slide-in cover with marker rings, three-way-stopcock with suction connection tube for drainage of air and/or fluid in the pleural cavity, as well as in all emergency situations where the application of a surgical suction drainage might come too late or is quite a risk. Due to its small size and easy handling, the Pneumocath® thoracic drain is particularly valuable in paediatrics. The NEO-PNEUMOCATH® with it enlarged lumen, offers a new and improved technique for drainage in the thoracic cavity. It is also a valuable device for simplifying the Bülau suction method and other trocar methods. A high degree of safety is ensured by compatibility of the material and an Heimlich-valve (PNEUMOVENT®) with fixed LL-mechanism ensures more security. The catheter permits sterile, fast and safe handling without any additional aids.




Basic equipment consisting of:
  • Suction catheter with protective cover
  • Puncture needle and three-way-stopcock with tube adapter
Features of the kits according to the declaration

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