Radiopaque arterial catheter for measurement and diagnosis

MICROSELD® is suited for non-traumatic puncture of peripheral arteries for safe and complication-free positioning. It can be applied for any operation where a continuous blood pressure monitoring in anaesthesia and internal medicine is required and vessel damage or bleeding is to be eliminated, especially for arteria radialis, arteria brachialis and arteria femoralis. MICROSELD® is also suited for monitoring of the heart function, circulation and lung function control as well as for sampling of blood gas. The used biocompatible Teflon material avoids deposition of any kind of blood ingredients such as fibrin, erythrocytes and leucocytes. For this reason MICROSELD® - PTFE is particularly suited for long-term-monitoring of the catheter over 48 hours. But also the MICROSELD®-PEBA has a big flexibility area, an excellent moving fortune and a good chemical resistance. It is produced without softeners.




  • Micro-catheter with flexible wings
  • Puncture needle with transparent handle
  • Safety guide wire with flexible tip 3 cm

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